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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Sneak Peek: Mr. Gold Threatens a Lost Boy (VIDEO)

Excitement builds for Once Upon a Time's Season 3, especially now that we have our first footage!

The preview was screened for attendees at Disney's D23 Expo and has found its way online. You can watch it below — but you better make haste lest Disney catches wise and takes the clip down!

In the scene, Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) wanders through the Neverland woods, perhaps looking for Henry (Jared Gilmore), before realizing he he's being watched: It's one of the Lost Boys, who addresses him as Rumple.

And Gold is hardly happy to see him.

"If you're here for the boy, well, that makes you Pan's enemy," the kid says.

Seethes Gold: "Then nothing's changed."

The boy says that Gold will inevitably lose in a fight against Peter, and Gold doesn't disagree but says that he'll take down the Lost Boys with him.

And with that, they part, but not before the boy gives Mr. Gold a gift from Pan: a wooden doll that, for some reason, makes Gold weep.

"Isn't it funny?" the boy muses. "The things we haven't thought about in years still have the ability to make us cry?"

Source: YouTube