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Orphan Black Season 2 Spoilers: 2 New Main Characters Coming

When Orphan Black returns to BBC America next year, we can expect to see more clones for Tatiana Maslany to play. (Maybe the Emmys will notice them this time.)

However, E! News just shared scoop on two new characters who are not part of the clone clan:

"BBC America is bringing in two major new characters in season two and Hot Paul [Dylan Bruce] fans may want to sit down, 'cause one is described as 'a leading man'! Cal is an intelligent and surprisingly emotional woodsman who lives off the grid and keeps to himself, who is an artist at his core, but has been burned before. The other newbie is Pastor Johanssen, a leader of a radical faith based on Prolethean sect, who is extremely anti-science. Expect to see both characters recur throughout the 10-episode second season." Extremely anti-science sounds bad for the clones, especially Cosima.

Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson teased more Season 2 details to Entertainment Tonight. For example, don't expect a time jump (ala The Walking Dead). "We gotta hit the ground running," Fawcett said. "The bottom line is [Sarah's daughter] Kira's gone and that means there's a fire under everyone's ass. You won't come back into the season with a one month or six month time jump."

Manson added, "Sarah's drive to protect Kira, regardless of her methods, has been the drive of our show since day one and that was the huge cliffhanger for the first season. Obviously Sarah is going to come out of the gate in a big way next season. She's got suspects in her sights, and a big one is Rachel."

We can also expect to learn more about Maria Doyle Kennedy's mysterious Mrs. S. "We knew there was more to do with Mrs. S from the beginning, but in developing Season 1, Mrs. S became even more of a slow burn than we had expected," Fawcett said. "You can pretty much count on the fact you’ll see more of her in Season 2 and a new side to her as well."

According to Entertainment Weekly, Orphan Black Season 2 will premiere in April 2014. That’s a long wait, but it gives fans plenty of time to re-watch Season 1 and spread the word to newbies. It’s a good show for binge-watching on a rainy weekend!

Sources: E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment Weekly

08.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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