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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans’s New Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Has a Secret Past As a…

You guys, important news regarding the professional stud muffin known as Nathan Griffith. We don't know much about this international man of mystery other than the fact that he used to be a marine, loves huskies almost as much as he loves the man upstairs, and is dating Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans, but brand new information has come to light.

Have you ever wondered how Nathan got so fine, fit, and fabulous? Well, his undulating muscles might have something to do with his past as an MMA fighter. Yep, dude made his living by fighting beefy hunks in a ring. And winning!

Nathan revealed this nugget of informational gold while participating in a Twitter-fight with Jenelle's estranged husband, Courtland Rogers.

"Haven't lost a fight since 21. Ive fought MMA bout to go back green belt," Nathan tweeted, adding "in mcmap lmao trained jujitsu Tae Kwon Do and almost a master striker. Fought for my life ended up in the hospital."

That's right, everyone, Nathan is a "master striker." He's basically the backwoods version of the Karate Kid, only even more fabulous. Hopefully, Nathan will never have an opportunity to demonstrate his fighting skills, but we're thinking Courtland should watch his back lest Nathan karate chop the confederate flag tattoo right off him.

Are you shocked by Nate's violent past? We're not sure why he quit MMA, but thank goodness this dude didn't sustain any serious injuries!

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