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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Blooper Reel — “I’m Out of Balls,” Says Patrick (VIDEO)

With all the dark and twisty drama Grey's Anatomy subjected us to in Season 9, isn't it time for a little levity?

The blooper reel for the series' ninth outing hit the web recently — and you can see all the gags, misfires, and garbled lines in the clip we've embedded below!

What's your favorite moment? Maybe it's Jesse Williams (Arizona Robbins) trying catch a ping pong ball in the middle of a line for take after take, eventually declaring, "This is silly."

Or perhaps you laugh hardest when Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) chews on a messy powdered donut and stares at his scene partner for what seems like ages, finally asking, "Is this creepy?"

All we know is that our catchphrase for the day comes from this flub by Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang): "Oh come on. [Knocks water bottle over and gasps.] Mother!"

Source: SpoilerTV

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