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The X Factor

Did Ellie Goulding and Niall Horan Kiss at a Music Festival? Rumor Patrol

The guys of One Direction are constantly stirring up relationship rumors with every tweet, smile, and pose they throw to an attractive woman. The latest guy getting a spotlight shown on his love life is blond Irish cutie Niall Horan, who was reportedly spotted kissing British megastar Ellie Goulding at the V Festival in London this past weekend.

Word is that the pair was watching the Kings of Leon set on Sunday, and “Niall allegedly launched himself” at Ellie for a kiss. The only problem is, last we heard, Ellie is dating War Horse actor Jeremy Irvine. Which, you know, would make that kiss pretty awkward.

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Niall and Ellie are pals, exchanging tweets and plenty of public commentary about each other. In fact, Niall recently told GQ that he thinks 26-year-old Ellie is a right fox.” I’ll say one thing: Ellie Goulding — wow. She’s absolutely amazing looking.” He has also given his support to her super-popular music, encouraging his bazillion 1D fans to buy her album.

Relationship-wise, Niall has been most notoriously linked to X Factor judge Demi Lovato, who reportedly cut off contact with the One Direction star because of his fame. “Unfortunately, as sweet as he is, it’s hard to maintain a friendship with somebody that you really can’t hang out with without people automatically assuming that you’re dating,” the 20-year-old entertainer explained in a recent interview.

So, what’s the truth? Who knows. The witness who reportedly saw them cuddling at the concert also mentioned that Niall and Ellie were watching from a protected position — behind a bunch of bodyguards. If they are indeed together, let’s hope her boyf is out of the picture and she’s ready for whatever One Direction fans send her way. Although she’s a super huge star in her own right, 1Ders have been known to be a little testy when it comes to their boys’ girls.

Source: GQ via E! / Twitter