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The Bachelorette

Paige Vigil and Boyfriend Split – Chris Bukowski to Blame? Exclusive!

While she didn’t receive a rose on The Bachelor Season 17 or Bachelor Pad 3, Paige Vigil confirmed to us this past January that she had, indeed, found love with Lance DeGroot, a marketing analyst who, like Paige, lived in Minneapolis. Sadly, however, Lance reached out to Wetpaint Entertainment this weekend to let us know he and Paige had just called it quits. What’s more, he told us that Chris Bukowski – Paige’s Bachelor Pad co-star and one-time object of her affection – had played a role in the break up!

We then called Paige who gave us the low-down. “There was so much working against us,” Paige says of the split with Lance. “We had different communication styles, different values, different senses of humor, different religious beliefs. Plus we were fighting so much. We fought about everything.”

One blow up, she admits, did involve Chris.

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“In the spring, Lance and I went to Vegas,” says Paige. “And I knew Chris used to live there so reached out to him via text and asked where we should go. He hooked us up at a club and gave us some restaurant recommendations, which I thought was really nice of him.

“But when Lance saw Chris’ name pop up on my phone, he got really upset. I felt awful for making him uncomfortable and apologized. I assured him that, now, Chris and I are just platonic friends. That happened in April, though. I don’t know why Lance is bringing it up now. I’m hurt and betrayed he would reach out to the media about it behind my back.”

Now that they’re no longer a couple, “I’m glad I ripped the Band Aid off,” says Paige. “It was a relationship that just wasn’t going to end in marriage. Now I feel ready to date again. I’m excited to meet someone new.”

Lance, for his part, has nothing but praise for his ex. “Paige is a very sweet girl with a kind heart and a gentle soul,” he tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “It’s a shame our story ended the way it did. I wish her the best in life and I hope she is able to find genuine, lasting happiness.”