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Big Brother 15: Who Returns From Jury? (UPDATE – Results Are In! Great News)

UPDATE: Judd the stud is back! The bear shirt is returning! He's going to take on Amanda! All is right with the world again! Here's who won HOH. More good news there too.

Original story:

It’s satisfying to think at least one thing this week will not be dictated by Demanda and McCraven.

One Big Brother 15 jury member will be returning to the show this week, and the candidates include whoever is voted out on Thursday, August 22.

Right now, there’s a lot of grumbling on the live feeds about Amanda and, by extension, McCrae, but it’s doubtful anyone will have the stones to do anything about it. Instead, it’s likely Helen will go into the jury. Helen is a big threat too, and she did put the target on herself, but if they want to go after someone who still has power, they need to dethrone the queen. And maybe that’s what will happen when the new blood returns.

There’s going to be some kind of live competition for whoever returns into the house. The three currently ousted players aren’t known for being huge challenge threats, although Judd has at least won HOH before.

Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc    

Here are the return options and the people they would most likely target:

Candice — She can’t stand GinaMarie, who is still saying vicious things about Candice in the house. Candi would probably go after GM and Aaryn, and wouldn’t be afraid to take on the big powers in the house. At the very least, she’d be good for soundbites and would make life uncomfortable for the resident Mean Girls.

Judd — Judd has the best chance of fitting back into the mix, since he didn’t actually do too much wrong. He wasn’t the MVP, as Amanda still fears, and even though he was rude to Jessie and ticked off Helen, they would both be in the jury and not back in the house with him. Judd might be able to convince Andy, Spencer and McCrae to team up, and he might even win over Aaryn. McCrae cried at the loss of Judd, feeling like that was the end of his own game. Maybe he could replace Amanda with Judd? Go for the bromance!

Jessie — When Jessie left last week, she tried to take the house down with her. She stirred up some poop and made it absolutely clear that Helen and Elissa were indeed trying to get out Amanda. Jessie was in on that too. If Helen is gone, maybe Jessie will try to attack Amanda again or maybe she’ll try to make nice with them. Jessie just wants to be liked, so she might fold from her tough stance if someone gives her the soft sell. She might just target Elissa or Spencer, if they are easy to go after.

Helen — If Helen is evicted, she’ll bust her butt to get back into the house. Maybe it would wake her up to the reality that Andy was always on Team Amanda. Right now she seems like she’s realizing he’s not 100 percent with her, but she doesn’t see that Andy is 100 percent with Amanda, and has always been. Helen would probably not be afraid to come back in, win HOH and clean house. Aaryn might try to win her old spot back, and sell Amanda out in the process.

Spencer — Let’s say Helen magically manages to save herself and Spencer leaves. If he comes back, he might just take up his spot as the ultimate pawn. Or maybe as HOH he'd be bold and target the big powers in the house. We can dream!

What do you think will happen? Who do you hope to see again?

Big Brother airs Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday on CBS.

08.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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