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The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried’s Relationship in Trouble Already?! Desiree Says…

Don't believe everything you read, Bachelorette fans! Contrary to a recent report claiming that Desiree Hartsock and fiancé Chris Siegfried are on the verge of a breakup just weeks after their televised engagement, Des says there's no trouble in paradise. In fact, the 27-year-old California native was so peeved by the story that she took to Twitter to publicly denounce the rumors.

"Wow! Crazy what can be made up. New In Touch Cover: Claim #Bachelorette @DesHartsock + @ChrisRSiegfried Split," Des wrote.

The report in question claims that the reality TV couple's relationship has fallen flat thanks to their dramatic lifestyle changes post-Bachelorette. Instead of going on lavish, all-expense-paid dates and trips, Des and Chris are reportedly living a much more modest life in Seattle, Chris's hometown. According to In Touch, they're even sharing a car — a dinged up Honda Civic. The horror!

An "eyewitness" who spotted them shopping for patio furniture on August 15 told In Touch that "Chris seemed totally disinterested" and that there was "zero affection between them.”

Sorry, guys, but we don't buy it. One look at Des and Chris's gag-worthy Twitter feeds and it's pretty clear that there's nothing but love between this gorgeous pair.

Do you think Des is telling the truth about her relationship or are they headed for splitsville? Tell us your theories below!

Source: In Touch