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Pretty Little Liars

Is Cece Red Coat on Pretty Little Liars?

On Pretty Little Liars Season 4, all signs are pointing towards CeCe (Vanessa Ray) being Red Coat. But is she really the woman behind the "A" team? We've examined some of the evidence.

The look is right. While the girl in red could obviously be wearing a wig, if she is a blonde, CeCe's one of the few suspicious characters who fits the bill.

She's definitely up to something. Whether she's the Big "A", an "A" minion, or just independently sketchy, there are definitely a ton of reasons to distrust CeCe, and after Season 4: Episode 11 there can be no question that she's up to something, and it looks like she's involved in the "A" team. She was in a room full of info on Ali and a red coat (OMG), and clearly was working with someone else who she talked to on the phone. She also donned a black hoodie to spy on Aria and Ezra. All signs point to "A" team involvement, though obviously that could be misleading.

Her personality and knowledge. In the second episode of the PLL web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets, Jason told CeCe "[Ali] was a kid playing childish games until you came along and helped her take them to the next level." CeCe is cruel and manipulative enough to be Big "A", and, thanks to her close relationship with Ali, she also had access to many of the Liars' secrets.

She has motive. For the longest time, we had no idea why CeCe would care about a bunch of high schoolers, but now that we know that she apparently blames all of the girls for Ali getting her kicked out of college, that would explain why she's doing it. Plus, we still don't know exactly what she knows about Ali's death, or what her involvement in Wilden's demise was.

That said, at this point it seems too obvious that CeCe is Red Coat, so we're thinking she might just be one more secondary player.

What do you think: Is CeCe Red Coat, or is that too obvious? Sound off in the comments!