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True Blood

True Blood Season 7 Spoilers: Will Pam and Tara Be Together? Brian Buckner Says …

Truebies, we know you were as sad as we were when Pam left Tara at that technicolor vampire volleyball party in the Season 6 finale to go find Eric, but since they were both alive when we last saw them (as far as we know!), we think there’s a good chance they’ll be reunited in True Blood Season 7!

Showrunner Brian Buckner recently talked to TVLine and dropped a few hints about Pam and Tara’s romance, saying, “As the audience heard Pam say in Episode 1, life is long — especially for vampires.’ She also told Tara that this is not going to be a love story.”

Uh-oh. That doesn’t sound good for the Pam/Tara ‘shippers!

But Brian didn’t stop there. He urged fans of the sexy fanged couple “to be patient,” explaining, “Because if the show delivers on the audience’s expectation every week, that’s not storytelling. Where’s the surprise in that? These [story] threads can be picked up later. I want to be able to tell more interesting, circuitous stories at times and not always deliver on the junk-food promise of the show. “

Aw, but we love the junk-food part, especially those steamy sex scenes! Oh well. As long as Brian can find a way to keep those two together, we can deal.

Do you hope Pam and Tara reconnect in True Blood Season 7? Sound off in the comments!

Source: TV Line