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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Alexis Bellino: I Can’t Trust Gretchen — I’ve Seen Her “True Colors”

Real Housewives of Orange County stars Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi appeared to make some progress in repairing their long-dormant friendship during this week's Reunion Part 2. But it appears that Alexis still isn't ready to fully trust Gretchen, despite Gretchen saying she wishes Alexis had been onhand for her recent proposal to Slade.

"Many of you tell me I should move on with Gretchen if I can move forward with Tamra, and I have to say this: I HAVE moved on with Gretchen," Alexis explains in her Bravo blog. "We are not enemies; we are not friends. A couple years ago, Gretchen and I were dear friends, and I had a deep trust, respect and love for her."

"When she threw our friendship away so easily, I saw her true colors," Alexis continues. "Once that deep trust with a friend is broken, it's impossible to gain it back."

Credit: Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Alexis says it's easier for her and Tamra to be civil with one another now because they were never all that close. "Tamra and I never had that trust or respect for one another because we only hung out a handful of times, and I think we always knew we were polar opposites," she says. "Today, Tamra and I are not claiming to be best friends; we have simply decided to look at what similarities we have rather than focus on our differences."

In fact, Alexis says she trusted Tamra over Gretchen in the wedding-dress shopping trip conflict. "When Gretchen told me Tamra texted her that she didn't want me there, I immediately called Tamra," Alexis writes. "Tamra did not hesitate, stutter, or lie. She very clear and instantly said that she only told Gretchen she didn't want me there because Gretchen was exhausting."

And Alexis thinks Gretchen should have realized that she wasn't actually being offered a part on Malibu Country. "When I heard Gretchen's phone call from Malibu Country, it sounded exactly like the phone call I received from my manager," she says. "If Gretchen would admit she misunderstood the phone call since it was never an actual role, [Heather and Tamra] would move on."

So if you were holding your breath about Alexis and Gretchen becoming besties right away, you may want to exhale for the time being.

Source: Alexis's Blog