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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Is Teresa Giudice Considering More Babies as Fraud Trial Approaches?

Teresa Giudice and her hubby Joe Giudice might be facing 39 counts of federal fraud and up to 50 years in jail, but lately the Real Housewives of New Jersey lovebirds have only been focusing on one thing — family.

The couple has made countless trips to the beach to vacation with their four daughters and seems to truly be cherishing their time together. So has all this togetherness sparked Tre and Juicy Joe’s desire to expand their Italian family?

Don’t count on it.

When a fan asked the cookbook writer on Twitter if she was expecting any more little Giudices, she replied, “@xo_nells no babydoll done with babies.Xx.”

As adorable as all of Teresa’s daughters are, it’s probably best that she has no plans to procreate in the near future. After all, if she and Joe are sentenced, they could be separated from their kids indefinitely.

Wetpaint Entertainment learned exclusively that if Tre and Joe are sent away, their daughters will be put in the care of Teresa’s parents, but that doesn’t mean she should be keen to add any more kids into this potentially messy mix.

Do you think Teresa’s smart not to try for any more babies? Tell us below!