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Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Jack Porter Returns to The Stowaway

Out of all the characters on Revenge, Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) easily had the most hardship to endure during the second season of the hit ABC show. To briefly recap, the scruffy bar owner lost his brother and wife, then found out that Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is really his childhood sweetheart, Amanda Clarke — the woman he thought he married.

Over the course of Revenge’s Season 3 premiere, the newly-single dad will return to the Stowaway, but he understandably has a tough road ahead.

As new showrunner Sunil Nayar explains to Entertainment Weekly, “He has an absolute lot to synthesize for himself and, especially as a person who is so inherently moral and good, to have so much bad and betrayal enacted upon him has been a journey. And when we see him in the premiere, he’s obviously still on that journey, but also has asked himself a lot of questions and come up with answers to a few.”

The Hamptons may be Jack’s picturesque home, but after the Long Island enclave and many of its smarmy inhabitants have brought Jack so much misery, we have to wonder why he would return at all. Thankfully, Sunil assures viewers that his questionable motivation to go back to the East End will be explained

“You will get a sense of why that is,” he says. “And the other thing is, there’s a real connection to the Stowaway. It’s the bar his father created and it is where the memories of those he’s loved and lost lived. It’s the one anchor he has. In some ways, it represents his past, what happened with Emily represents his present and Carl represents his future.”

Damn, Sunil. That’s deep.

Are you surprised that Jack is returning to his old stomping grounds after so much heartache and betrayal, or does his journey home make sense? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly