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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 4 Spoilers: What Happens in King’s Landing?

While it may seem like we have to wait for a time when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east before Season 4 of Game of Thrones begins, we can at least speculate on what we believe will occur on the show based on the Roger Ashton-Griffiths book series, upon which GoT is based. Specifically, what’s going to happen in the capital of Westeros, King’s Landing?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series. Click away now if you don't want to know!

Note: These are spoilers based primarily on the ASOIAF books. Obviously, the show could change things for TV.

Some new faces. King’s Landing has a few new characters who show up to make things a little more interesting (as if there wasn’t enough going on already). Mace Tyrell, Oberyn Martell, and his paramour, Ellaria Sand, all show up for the wedding of the century, the nuptials of Joffrey and Margaery. While in town though, Oberyn and Mace soon fill another role, one that will have a big effect on Tyrion.

A purple wedding. Joffrey and Margaery tie the knot in a ceremony that makes Sean Parker’s wedding look like a couple signing documents at your local justice of the peace. There are 77 dishes, seven singers, one of whom sings a song with 77 verses (this is done to curry favor with the seven gods of Westeros, not because Cersei is a big John Elway fan). There is also a mock jousting bout between dwarves, which Tyrion doesn’t find nearly as funny as Joffrey does. Joff insists Tyrion join the battle, and Tyrion replies he’ll only do so if he can face off against Joffrey and kick his butt.

The king, who’s also completely wasted, becomes so angry that he decides to further embarrass his uncle by making him his cupbearer. Tyrion fills Joffrey’s cup, Joff drinks from it, and Joff dies. Wait, what? That’s right, there was poison in the cup! Brilliant! Joffrey dies at his own wedding, and the only downer is that Tyrion is arrested for the crime (he’s innocent). Tyrion’s wife Sansa, however, finally catches a break and is able to sneak away and escape King’s Landing during the commotion.

Jaime gets more awesome. Jaime continues to go anti-Lannister. He feuds constantly with Cersei, because now that he’s back in town he finally sees how awful she is. He also fights with Tywin, who goes so far as to tell him that he’s not his son after Jaime refuses to inherit Casterly Rock due to being a member of the Kingsguard. He also sends Brienne on a mission to find Sansa and bring her to safety, hoping to fulfill his promise to Cat Stark. We can’t believe we used to hate this guy!

Tyrion on trial. Tyrion stands trial for the murder of Joffrey, with his father Tywin presiding as judge alongside Mace Tyrell and the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell. Basically everyone Tyrion has ever met is brought forth as a witness, and each is more damning than the last. Even Shae testifies against him, and she essentially lies about their entire history together (ouch). Since his outlook is pretty bleak, Tyrion mulls over a trial by combat even though he learns that Cersei will name the Hound’s brother, the Mountain, as his opponent. Tyrion asks Bronn to fight for him, and Bronn says thanks, but no thanks. He’s not really keen on being killed by the Mountain, and Cersei has bought him off anyway. Just when Tyrion seems to be at the end of his rope, in slithers his savior...

Red Viper to the rescue. Oberyn Martell secretly meets with Tyrion and instructs him to request a trial by combat, where he himself will be his champion. Why would he do such a thing? It turns out that way back during Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, the Mountain kind of raped and murdered Oberyn’s sister and killed her kids, and Oberyn’s still, understandably, really mad about it. So the Mountain and the Red Viper have their duel, and the Red Viper soundly and methodically beats his opponent down. However, he becomes too obsessed with trying to glean a confession from the big guy and lets his guard down, allowing the Mountain to smash in his skull. Did we say Red Viper to the rescue? We meant...

Jaime to the rescue. Continuing his growth into full-blown hero, Jaime decides to spring his brother from jail after he’s been found guilty. He enlists the help of Varys, and the two release Tyrion the night before he’s to be sentenced to either death or the Wall. Tyrion asks his bro why he would risk so much to free him, and Jaime tells him that he played a role in the ending of Tyrion’s first marriage. His first wife wasn’t really a whore after all! It was Tywin who made Jaime tell him that. Tyrion gets really angry at Jaime, and even more angry at Tywin.

Tywin gets caught with his pants down. Tyrion takes a detour to Tywin’s room during his escape, where he finds a naked Shae. She claims Cersei forced her to lie about their relationship during the trial, Tyrion doesn’t buy it, and he kills her on the spot. Then he grabs a crossbow, finds Tywin sitting on the toilet, and kills him, too. Seeing the almighty Tywin killed while sitting on the toilet after seeing Joffrey die at his own wedding is exactly what we need to remove the Red Wedding from our hearts and minds once and for all. Season 4 is going to be amazing!

Are you excited for the Lannister’s downfall next season? Do you think all of these plot points will be included, or will the writers streamline the story? Sound off in the comments below!