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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Romance Updates for Part 2 of Season 4

In just a few short days, Pretty Little Liars will air its Season 4 summer finale. Then, the show goes on hiatus until the Season 4 Halloween episode on October 22. After that, we have no new episodes until the midseason premiere in January 2014. That’s such a long time to wait!

Thankfully, the good folks over at ABC Family are helping to ease the sting by offering up some spoilers and teases about what fans can expect in the second half of Season 4. ABC Family executive Jenn Gerstenblatt did a Twitter Q&A with fans on August 23, and she offered a bit of scoop concerning what’s to come for some of our favorite couples during the second half of the season.

During the first half of Season 4, Aria and her new man, Jake (Ryan Guzman) formed a strong bond. But even though Aria and Ezra are through, it’s clear that the two still have feelings for each other. Jenn didn’t say anything about whether Jakria breaks up or Ezria gets back together, but she did make it clear that Aria and Ezra will at least be spending plenty of time together during the second half of the season.

When a fan asked what Aria and Ezra will be up to during the second half of the season, Jenn answered, “A lot!

Caleb and Hanna

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Sadly, there will be no Haleb in the second half of PLL Season 4. Caleb is making the permanent move to Pretty Little Liars’ new horror spinoff, Ravenswood. He and Hanna are over.

Obviously, this is a tough pill for many fans to swallow. How could a couple so in love decide to end things? A fan tweeted to Jenn, “Why would caleb move [to the town of Ravenswood]? Especially when the love of his life lives in Rosewood.” Jenn’s answer: “Watch Halloween.” It sounds to us like something pretty drastic must go down in October 22’s Season 4 Halloween episode. We don’t think Caleb would move away from Hanna unless he absolutely had to.

Spencer and Toby

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Things have been tense for Spencer and Toby lately. It’s been a torturous season for Toby so far, and his struggle to find out more about his mother’s death has seen few results... other than causing problems for the Little Liars as he’s been reluctantly forced to team up with “A.” However, it appears that things might start looking up for Toby when the show returns in 2014.

Jenn writes that Season 4, Episode 19 is probably the best Spoby episode yet. That certainly sounds promising!

Source: Jenn Gerstenblatt on Twitter