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The Bachelor

AshLee Frazier “Shattered” Over Photos of Brad With a New Girl

As we all know, AshLee Frazier has a lot of emotions. Emotions about being adopted, emotions about that one time Sean Lowe tried to drown her in a cave, and emotions about her recent apparent (though not confirmed) breakup with two-time Bachelor Brad Womack. Brad enjoyed a short-lived relationship with Capital L shortly after she was ousted from Sean's love nest on The Bachelor 17, but he suddenly disappeared from her Twitter feed at the end of June after just a few months of dating, without a word to what happened.

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Luckily, it looks like AshLee may be moving on with Desiree Hartsock's ex-lover, the constantly nude singer-songwriter known as Zak Waddell, since the two had an adorable recent hang in Houston (Do that, Ash! Fulfill all our dreams!)

But her new friendship hasn't stopped Ash from being majorly torn up about the new lady in Brad's life! And by the way, we're no longer talking about Brad Womack. We've moved on to the
other Brad in AshLee's orbit, Bradley Cooper — also known as our imaginary boyfriend. Keep up!

You see, apparently AshLee's "in love with Brad...ley Cooper" (pshhh, join the club), and she's totally heartbroken that he's a taken man! "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Bradley Cooper, my love!!!" Ash tweeted along with a picture of him and his new GF, Suki Waterhouse, wearing matching denim. "#shattered."


We're right there with you, AshLee.

Not only are females around the world traumatized that Bradley Not-Womack has a new girlfriend, the fact that he thinks Texas Tuxedos are socially acceptable is a huge problem. And don't even get us started on Suki's denim shortalls.

Are you as shattered as Ash is about BCoop's new hookup? Weigh in below!

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