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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Ian Harding on EzrA’s Motivation: What Drives Him? Does He Even Love Aria?

We’re not going to lie. We are still in shock from the epic reveal that Ezra (Ian Harding) — of all people — is actually “A” on Pretty Little Liars. The truth came out during the Season 4 summer finale, and once we’d scraped our jaws off the floor, we immediately started searching for clues of Ezra's shadiness.

It appears that Ezra has been “A” all along, or at the very least, a member of the “A” team. So what does that mean for the last four seasons of the show? Obviously, Ezra isn’t the sweet, doe-eyed do-gooder he’s appeared to be all these years. So who is he really? And does he even love Aria (Lucy Hale) at all, or has their entire relationship only been part of some cold-hearted plan to hurt the Liars?

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Armed with the knowledge of Ezra’s true self, we went back and watched this Entertainment Tonight video interview with Ian. Though he couldn’t give away the big “A” reveal, Ian definitely hinted that Ezra has a deep past that few people would expect.

“As we’re going to see this season, Ezra’s a little bit more complex,” Ian says. “There was constantly that push-pull that they’ve had for the past couple of seasons, but I think it’s going to be a little bit deeper. We’re going to find out that there are deeper things pulling him and pushing him. How he acts and what we see is just kind of surface.”

Based on this, we’re willing to guess that Ezra isn’t evil to the core. Sure, he’s done some terrible things. But let’s remember that we haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear his point of view. Just like with Toby’s big “A” team reveal last season, perhaps Ezra isn’t as heartless and evil as he now appears. Who knows what could be motivating him? We know Ali wasn't exactly innocent in all this either.

What’s more, Ian seemed to confirm that Ezra’s feelings for Aria aren’t all pretend. “He can only give away so much because there’s other stuff going on. I think he’s on the fence[...] He loves her so much, but he’s still hesitant. He’s kind of a neurotic guy.”

Hear that, guys? Ezra is not just some psychopath who is manipulating her for his own gain. By all appearances, he truly does have feelings for her. Ezria just might be able to make it, after all.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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