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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Calls Elena and Damon’s Relationship “Strange” — What’s the Deal?

Most Vampire Diaries fans were overjoyed when Elena Gilbert confessed her love for Damon Salvatore in the Season 4 finale, but Ian Somerhalder has different opinions.

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“He got the girl, at a great expense,” Ian said. “It’s gotta be so strange for this guy. He was so in love with Katherine for so many years, working off the naivety of a 23-year-old man.”

We have to admit that it is a little strange with the love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan — since it is basically the exact same love triangle between Damon, Katherine, and Stefan those many moons ago.

“To be in love with this woman who really broke your heart, and then all of a sudden to find a woman who is identical in every way, shape, and form, who is 160 years his junior,” Ian said. “What I love about [their relationship this season] is that it’s something the audience has really been wanting to see for a long time. But bear in mind that this is The Vampire Diaries, so people being happy for long doesn’t exist.”

We have to agree with Ian on the “strange” aspect of their relationship, but, then again, we simply don’t care. You know why? Because they are just so cute together, duh!

What do you think about Ian’s perspective on Damon and Elena’s relationship? Hit the comments and sound off below!

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