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Little Girl and Baby Gorilla Are Adorable BFFs (VIDEO)

It’s not a successful trip to the zoo until you’ve personally bonded with one of the animals. It’s super difficult to do, though, given that their lives behind glass have basically been conditioned for them to not care much about humans.

Sometimes, though, you’ll find that one animal who really takes to you, finding enjoyment in your life instead of the other way around. The dolphin who stopped to enjoy the human girl's acrobatic show is one such moment, as is the camel who got the munchies and tried to eat a little girl on safari.

The latest evidence of interspecies friendships at the zoo comes from this little girl who makes a new friend with a young gorilla. They run together in front of the glass, bang on it in response to each other, and at one point, the cute couple even shares a kiss, albeit through some fairly thick plated glass. Is it their relatively similar size that makes them such good buddies? The gorilla’s engagement with his new bestie is really fascinating to watch.

We wonder if this girl’s new best gorilla friend would remember her if her parents bought her a yearly pass?

Source: YouTube

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08.27.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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