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True Blood

True Blood Burning Question: Who Is the Better Boyfriend — Bill Compton or Alcide Herveaux?

True Blood Season 6 fans were greeted with the shocking revelation that Bon Temps resident telepathic waitress, Sookie Stackhouse, moved on with former Shreveport pack master Alcide Herveaux. In the 6-month time jump, we got a glimpse of Sook and Alcide together, but as usual, Sookie’s love life isn’t so cut and dry. In the final scene of the show, Sookie’s ex, vampire Bill Compton, makes a plea to regain Sookie’s trust (and maybe even love).

As you can imagine, the tense scene between Sookie, Alcide, and Bill alluded to (yet again) another love triangle between the three supes in amid everything else (you know, like mutated vampires) in Season 7. This, of course, begs the question: who is the better boyfriend for Sookie — Bill or Alcide?

Looking at both Southern gents, neither of their records are squeaky clean. Both were portrayed as jerks in Season 6, and both had subtle redemption arcs for their scumbag ways by the season finale, but in the end it all comes down to their relationship with Sookie and who seems to have more love for the blondie.

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When Bill first encountered Sookie, we created the ‘ship to end all ‘ships. Bill was able to give Sook solace from accidentally reading minds all the time, (which was the best thing that could happen to Sookie at the time), he became her first lover, her protector, and would introduce her to the world of supernatural beings. He was basically the perfect boyfriend — aside from being undead. When it was revealed (in the Season 3 finale) that Bill was sent to gain information on Sook for the vamp queen of Louisiana, Sophie Anne Leclerq, Bill lost serious boyfriend points. But we have to admit, he still maintained that he loved Sookie and always rushed to her side when she needed help — even when he suspected she was getting down and dirty with amnesiac Eric Northman in Season 4. We even saw a glimpse of the old Bill return after his descent into villain vampire mode for the latter half of Season 5 and most of Season 6. He helps to save Sookie’s life (for like the 100th time) and offers her protection even though she’s now dating Alcide. That’s real dedication.

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But we can’t talk about dedication and not talk about Alcide. Sookie first met Alcide during Season 3 and it was obvious that there was a physical attraction between the two, however, romance seemed like a far-fetched idea. Throughout Season 4, Alcide continued to harbor lingering feelings for the fae-human hybrid and when Alcide’s ex, Debby Pelt, died at the end Season 4, it looked like Sookie and Alcide were back on track to being an item… until she barfed all over his shoes. Alcide disappeared most of Season 5 and 6 to work on his own agenda, but always popped in just to drop an eye on Sook. The were always offered help and from the looks of their hookup in Season 6, never stopped carrying a torch for her.

By now it’s pretty clear that both men can’t live without this woman, but who’s the better catch? Alcide seems to be the the clear winner, but Bill looks pretty ready to be back in Sookie’s good graces and we can’t wait to see what he does to win her trust.

Who do you think is the better boyfriend for Sookie: Bill or Alcide? Sound off below!

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