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Angelique Cabral Reveals Exciting Post-Wedding Plans, Inspiration From Friend Emily Deschanel — Exclusive

When Enlisted star Angelique Cabral wed now-husband Jason Osborn on July 20, she made a point not to change too much. Though she’s legally Angelique Cabral-Osborn, the only big difference for her, she reveals to Wetpaint Entertainment, is how she greets her man in the morning.

“Every morning, we wake up and say, ‘good morning, husband,’ and ‘good morning, wife,’ and crack up because it’s so weird and formal,” she revealed with a laugh. However, “domestically, it doesn’t feel any different,” though it feels “serious, secure, and very, very permanent.” So, does that permanence mean that they may be moving on to expanding their family? Not so fast.

While they eventually want a family, Angelique is in no rush to have any kids other than their 13-pound Terrier Mutt, Oscar. “As of now, no more pups, no kids,” she says, but she is thinking ahead. “We also love the idea of adoption. We’re really open and we have a lot of love,” she says. “We definitely want to expand our family, but not right now. My husband is just now starting grad school to get his master’s in business, so he’s in the middle of going to school for two years. So not for two, or at least four years.”

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Angelique is not worried because they’re both healthy, but also because one of her best friends didn’t have kids until she was in her late 30s. You may recognize her from this little show called Bones (or as Ang’s lesbian lover in The Perfect Family). “One of my good friends Emily Deschanel had her first, Henry, in her late 30s, and not even late. It’s around the age I want to start having kids, and it’s not an issue — it’s a non-issue!” she exclaims. “There’s no reason to push it, and more and more, especially actors, are having kids later.” She imagines eventually having two kids, but could also see them having one and “adopting a couple or fostering,” but is putting those thoughts on the backburner since it’s so far away.

For now, Angelique is focusing on what’s in front of her: filming her new show and finding an audience for it come November. Though it’s airing on a Friday, she’s not discouraged — “there isn’t much pressure on Friday nights,” she explains. “And if we grow our numbers a lot, Fox will put us on a different day. But I’m happy with Fridays! I’m always at home on Friday nights with my wine and my dog.” We couldn’t agree more.

To hear more about Enlisted, check out the video of her and castmates Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young chatting about the show at ATX Television Festival. If you just want adorable dog photos and more sweet moments about Angelique and husband Jason, follow her on Twitter @AngeliqueCabral.

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