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Blood Worms Infest an Oklahoma Town’s Water Supply

In some ick-worthy news to come out of the Midwest, a small town in Oklahoma has discovered that their water supply is carrying a little something extra: worms.

According to News 9, the red worms, charmingly known as “blood worms,” made their way into the water tower that supplies the tiny town of Colcord, Oklahoma, with fresh drinking water. The town will have to shut down the water supply in order to fix the problem, leaving Colcord temporarily without water, although the office of emergency management is giving out jugs of water free to it’s citizens.

It’s unknown how the infestation occurred, because the water supply is tested twice daily, but the worms are believed to be larvae of gnats. Water Commissioner Cody Gibby said, “They are passing through our filters and getting into our distribution lines.” According to the CDC and Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Safety, there are no known health effects from the worms, but until the town can be sure, they are urging folks not to drink the water.

The town plans to shut off the water supply, then empty and scrub down the tanks. Free water will be given out to residents until the supply is reinstated. According to Colcord resident Quinton Blair, “Better safe than sorry, honestly.”

Source: News 9

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08.28.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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