Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Is ezrA Really Evil — Is Aria Still His “Soulmate”?

Now that we know Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A” on Pretty Little Liars — and has been for the past four years — we have about a billion questions. Does this mean Ezra is evil? Like, truly psychotic? This is “A” we’re talking about. The b---- is completely insane. Or could there possibly be some sort of other explanation?

Executive Producer Oliver Goldstick has confirmed that Ezra really is “A.” This is not a Toby Cavanaugh-style red herring. Knowing that, we’re beginning to wonder if Ezra is even capable of love at all. Could his entire romance with Aria (Lucy Hale) have been a lie? Are we supposed to believe that Ezra really is just twisted and demented to the core?

Yes, we are! Well, not totally. Oliver tells TV Line that Ezra’s feelings for Aria are real, but he promises that the second half of Season 4 will explore the idea that Ezra has been living a double life.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

“What you’re really going to find out is this whole Jekyll-and-Hyde factor about Ezra — it’s going to blow your mind.” Wait, so he has multiple personalities? This seems to be what Oliver is implying. Clearly, we don’t have enough information to know for sure, but this Good Ezra vs. Bad Ezra idea certainly is intriguing.

Until then, Ezria fans can take heart in the fact that Good Ezra still does exist. Oliver says there will be an “emotionally satisfying” answer that will allow Ezra’s love for Aria to be genuine. “Everybody here is very aware of that, too, because this is a relationship that’s deeply romantic. They’re soulmates, and we’ve invested so much into them. We’re going to be able to explain some things to you.”

That’s great to hear... We just have no idea how PLL is actually going to pull it off. Unless perhaps Aria is secretly evil, too? Now, that would be an even crazier plot twist than the first one!

Source: TV Line