Big Brother 15 Recap: [Spoilers] Wins HOH! Who’s Voted Out, Aaryn or Andy?
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Big Brother 15 Recap: [Spoilers] Wins HOH! Who’s Voted Out, Aaryn or Andy?

Ouch. Aaryn Gries got called out, y'all. Glad to see it? Uncomfortable seeing it? Do you feel sorry for her? Glad that the crowd booed and jeered her?

She was Big Brother 15’s first “worst” houseguest, but after the rise of bully boss Amanda Zuckerman, Aaryn didn’t look as bad in comparison. Toward the end, she got smarter and kinder, and even made peace with rival Elissa Slater (and kissed Judd Daugherty, did you see that?).


After Aaryn, 22, was evicted on the Week 9 live show (Thursday, August 29), Julie Chen brought up Aaryn's racist comments from earlier in the season. Aaryn did not do herself any favors with her Texas-based defense. "Being Southern is a stereotype and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong and I do not mean to ever come off racist," she said. "That's not me and I apologize to anyone I've offended for that." You could hear people in the crowd scoffing. Julie played back some of her worst comments, and Aaryn tried to defend herself. "I do not remember saying those things," she said, as people openly guffawed. If she said those things, she was just joking (the way they do in Texas?) and didn't mean it. She hates the idea that this is how she's being perceived. Watch her interview in the video below.


To fill time with people viewers actually like, Julie trotted out past HGs like Dan Gheesling, who said of Amanda, “If you’re gonna be a villain in this show, be a great villain like Mike Boogie, don’t step back from it [like Amanda crying after she threatens people]. I just feel like she’s playing the game kind of like a brat.” Dan said that, since he never made personal attacks against BB14 houseguests, he’s actually on good terms with the HGs from his season. This season, he’s Team Judd.

Thanks to “McCranda,” Julie got obsessed with the showmance angle and forced us to watch Elissa’s sister, Rachel Reilly, with Brendon Villegas; plus Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones, and Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Jordan is still waiting for Jeff to put a ring on it, and she wants a “big family” so he’d better hurry up.

Julie said there will be a surprise extra competition for the HGs that we'll learn about on Sunday. There will also be another double eviction next week, Thursday. September 5. Two more HGs leaving! The seven remaining houseguests are Elissa Slater, Amanda Zuckerman, Andy Herren, McCrae Olson, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Judd Daugherty, and Spencer Clawson.

UPDATE: The HoH competition started at the very end of Thursday's episode, and the results were revealed half an hour later on the live feeds: GinaMarie won! This is her second HoH. Never one to miss a moment, Amanda told GinaMarie she was so proud of her, adding, "Aaryn is going to be so happy you're going to get Elissa out of here." Did GM laugh in her face? GM is so putting up McCranda. (Yep, she did put them up. Go, GM!)

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