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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3: Which Character Should Return to Season 3? (POLL)

Once Upon a Time has set sail to Neverland, taking some of its key players — Emma, Regina, David, Snow, Hook, and Mr. Gold — in the process. While we know we’ll will encounter new characters (Like Ariel and Peter Pan) on this quest to save Henry, we’re hoping that familiar faces will return in the process, including:

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Jefferson (Mad Hatter)

The last time we saw the Jefferson, he reunited with his daughter Paige in Season 2, Episode 3: “Lady of the Lake.” While we’re thrilled that these two got their happily ever after, it doesn’t change the fact that Jefferson might be able to tap into his portal magic again — if he can find another hat. Maybe he can aid in sending everyone home or help Emma (once she returns) to rescue Neal!? The possibilities of his return are endless!

Astrid (Nova)

When we saw Astrid (AKA Nova the fairy), she and Leroy (Grumpy) were becoming reacquainted with each other. Considering that everyone in the town has regained their Enchanted Forest memories, we think it’s about time Astrid ditches the holy order and finishes what she started with Leroy. Snow and David (Charming) shouldn’t be the only couple getting their happily ever after…

Credit: Jack Rowand/ ABC    

Sidney Glass (Magic Mirror)

Being Regina’s fall guy has left Sidney Glass locked away in the basement of Storybrooke hospital aka Regina’s hall of dirty little secrets. We didn't see or hear from the guy throughout Season 2, and now that Regina and the gang have left Storybrooke in search of Henry, maybe it’s about time he makes a reappearance? Who knows, maybe he can shake things up for Belle, who is now de facto in charge of overseeing the town!

Kathryn Nolan (Princess Abigail)

Ever wondered what happened to David’s wife Kathryn after the curse lifted and the town regained its pre-spell memories? Well, according to the creators of OUAT, Kathryn/Princess Abigail found her love, Prince Frederick, who just happened to be a gym teacher at Henry’s school. The two currently live in Kathryn’s home (which probably explains why David lives in Snow’s loft), but we can’t imagine that’s the end of Kathryn’s story. With the a lot of major players leaving town, it only seems normal that David’s “former” wife and her valiant prince would step up in some way.

Obviously, there are other figures we’d like to see return. With the numerous flashbacks between the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, there are several people who haven’t been accounted for including Hansel (Nicholas), Gretel (Ava), Cinderella (Ashley), Prince Thomas (Sean) and most recently, Robin Hood. And now that we’re anticipating flashbacks between Neverland and Storybrooke, we hope to see a couple familiar faces — if only to aid Belle. She’s definitely going to need the help rallying this stressed out town.

Vote for which Once Upon a Time character would you like to see return in Season 3 in our poll and then sound off in the comments below!

I hope to see some new faces!

Bring back the cast of Season 1!

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