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Teen Wolf Season 3B Promo: Black-Eyed Creature Revealed — Is it the Kitsune? (VIDEO)

When last we left Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) & Co. on Teen Wolf in the 3A finale, they had just overcome the big bad of the season: Jennifer. Our hearts were definitely racing, but in the end, things were pretty calm. But after seeing the latest 3B promo, we’re worried about what’s on the horizon.

In the very understated promo, we see a progression of eye colors and a nose, which slowly begins to drip blood. The first eye color is your plain, average Joe — no worries. The next eye color was yellow, which is just your normal werewolf. Red is the next eye color, which is the sign of an alpha. Blue means that you’ve murdered an innocent, uh oh! And last but not least is black, which we can only assume is the sign of the kitsune!

We don’t know much about the kitsune — except that it refers to a fox-like being who possesses magical abilities and can assume human form. The kitsune on Teen Wolf is rumored to be named Kira, played by Arden Cho.

Until January 6, when Season 3B begins airing on MTV, we’ll have to keep an eye out for any new news and bide our time until the mysterious black eye is revealed!

Are you excited to see what’s going to happen on Season 3B of Teen Wolf? Hit the comments and let us know!