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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars: Which “A” Reveal Was More Shocking — Ezra or Toby?

In the Season 4 summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, we discovered that “A” is none other than Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding), Aria soulmate and all-around Liars confidante. To be frank, it was pretty shocking but was it more shocking than when we discovered that our beloved Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) was working for the “A” Team? You tell us!


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The Toby is “A” reveal came in the Season 3 summer finale, at a particularly climactic point in the Spoby relationship (i.e. right after the two had sex for the first time). The fact that Spence has just shared herself with Toby in a very intimate way just as we discover he is hiding a rather disturbing aspect of himself from her was particularly unsettling and we would argue added to the shock factor of the moment. The Toby reveal was also the first time one of the Liars’ romantic interests was revealed to have an “A” affiliation. PLL hadn’t gone there before, which perhap lends greater weight to the Toby twist than it does the Ezra one, especially given that Ezria is technically split up when the Ezra reveal goes down.

The Toby twist also gets props for being revealed in a suitably creepy fashion: at dusk outside of Radley. Mona does a good job of building up to the moment, walking alongside a black-hoodied figure, talking “A” Team deets. When the figure finally turns to reveal it is Toby, the Mona monologue only enhances the shock-value of the moment.


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Even though Ezria is technically split up when the “Ezra is ‘A’” twist happens, that doesn’t mean Aria’s intimate connection to “A” is any less shock-inducing. Ezria has been a thing since the pilot episode long before Toby and Spencer ever worked things out. Even when Aria and Ezra were at odds, it wasn’t because Ezra was keeping secrets (a la Toby); it was actually usually because Aria was keeping secrets. Furthermore, Ezra has really stepped up in Season 4 to be there for Aria’s friends. He was the first one Spencer told that she hadn’t been accepted to UPenn. And it’s Mr. Fitz who has been helping Emily so much with her own college application process. This little moments of Liars/Ezra solidarity went a long way to making the “Ezra is ‘A’” reveal really shock.

As for how the actual scene goes down, seeing Ezra in his all-black get-up, storming around what is presumably his lair is pretty creepy. We’re used to seeing a measured, well-mannered man who rarely lets his emotions show through (unless it is love for Aria, obviously). Watching this man the Liars have all come to trust so angry is more startling than any “A” threat could ever be.

Which “A” reveal did you think was more shocking? Ezra or Toby? Sound off in the comments below!

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