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Big Brother 15 Recap: Amanda Has a Meltdown, McCranda Cries For Itself

Here’s the thing: Even if Amanda Zuckerman does go home tomorrow in the first of Big Brother 15 Week 10’s double evictions, it’s going to be bittersweet.

Yes, we’ll sing the “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” song, but … so much strange crap just went down today (September 4) and yesterday on the live feeds, and it pretty much prevents a totally happy night. Another thing preventing a full Demanda eviction party is that it’s looking like that wacky new band in town, Andy and The Exterminators, aren’t solid on taking out McCrae Olson next. McCrae could even win tomorrow's Head of Household — he gets on a roll when he’s motivated — and he seems tied to Andy Herren and even Spencer Clawson. The group seems to be targeting Elissa Slater next, which sucks for Team Julissa, if that team even exists after the insanity of the live feeds. (Seriously, if you don’t mind spoilers, see if you can find any sense in Elissa’s move.)

However, after all that live feeds stuff, Amanda feels like she may be able to save herself. Actually, she's sure, at this point in real-time, that Spencer will be evicted instead. So she could be blindsided twice this week — first by the nominations she should’ve seen coming, and second by the eviction she’s sure isn’t coming thanks to that deal that makes no sense. Lawd!

What happened Wednesday night?

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The Wednesday, September 4 episode started with the aftermath of GinaMarie Zimmerman’s nominations, with both Amanda and McCrae getting emotional about the end of McCranda. At least they’ll miss it.

When McCrae gets emotional, he sounds defeated and tries not to look at the cameras, letting his hair cover his tears. But when Amanda gets emotional, she has a full meltdown like the Queen of Hearts in off-with-their-heads mode. She went hard after GM, who took Demanda’s delusional no one is ever supposed to target me or my man! shots like a champ. Amanda didn’t understand why GM would put up Amanda vs. McCrae, as if it’s not obvious to break up a showmance. She felt it was obvious GM should’ve nominated Elissa, since the whole house was after Elissa (even though the whole house was not after Elissa). She blamed Elissa. She also went after Spencer as being in line with GM and Judd Daugherty.

She ignored Andy, of course, since Amanda has no idea that at this point Andy is her #1 enemy. Andy is playing both sides expertly — he’s now loyal to The Exterminators (GM, Spencer and Judd) but McCranda still believe he’s 100 percent loyal to them. It’s disgusting, but also impressive. He’s a master. Elissa doesn’t trust Andy, and she’s right about that — of course he’s playing both sides of the house! If we were just watching Wednesday’s episode we’d still be cheering for Elissa. Unfortunately, after all the nonsense that went on yesterday and today on the live feeds, it’s hard to even root for Elissa anymore. Ugh.

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Anyway, Amanda sobbed and said she didn’t even want to be there anymore. Once again, she went through all the stages of grief before arriving at acceptance. After all the awfulness, it was actually kind of sweet to see how much Amanda and McCrae genuinely like (or love?) each other, even if no one else can stand them. If only they hadn’t fostered such an us vs. them attitude, they might’ve actually made friends in the house.

Anyway, McCrae won Power of Veto in the ballet and bowling challenge. (Spencer in a tutu! Barfing Amanda!) There was no reason for him to use the Veto on Amanda. Why the heck would he, even if she did fight like hell in a dramatic finish? She already sobbed and said she didn’t even want to be there anymore. Once you cry and say you want to take your ball and go home, no one should jump in to save you. Besides, McCrae is wrong — she's not a better player. She's an emotional basket case with a horrific social game. Amanda cried again — she's like Helen Kim with the tears this week! — and said her game was over. But McCrae also gave her a chance to make her case for Veto, for some reason. Why? She said she'd never ask, expect or want him to use the Veto on her. Still, he felt guilty for letting her down. He has lost his spine, but at least the cowardly lion still has his heart.

GM replaced McCrae on the block with Spencer, who lives on the block. He's proud of his pawn record!

So it's Amanda vs. Spencer at the start of tomorrow night's show, before the second HoH and POV competitions and the second eviction. Last time, Judd was the surprise second eviction. That was a shocker. Are we in for another shocker, after Amanda's eviction? 'Cause Amanda's definitely going home first, right?

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