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Are Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson the New Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

It was like something out of a fairytale (or YA novel). Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met while filming the Twilight saga and fell in love, just like their characters, Edward and Bella. Surely their love would be as eternal as their vampire counterparts. Only it wasn’t. (Or was it?) But now that the fanfic, BDSM, non-vampire version of Edward and Bella’s love story is being brought to the big screen with Fifty Shades of Grey, we couldn’t help but wonder if stars Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are the new RPatz and KStew.

First of all, we don’t mean this literally. We don’t foresee Dakota getting entangled with a married director, for example. Still, they’re both attractive and will get to know each other pretty well during some of those racy scenes together. Actors fall for their co-stars all the time, so why not?

Well, Dakota seems in pretty deep with her boyfriend, Jordan Masterson, for one thing. Meanwhile, Charlie has been dating jewelry designer Morgana McNelis since 2007. OK, so it doesn’t look like an on-screen, off-screen romance is in the cards for the actors.

Yet if the Fifty Shades of Grey movies are as big a phenomenon as the books have been, well, you can bet Charlie and Dakota are bound for Rob-and-Kristen-levels of stardom.

Let’s hope these two like being in the public eye!