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The Bachelor

Which Bachelor Alum Just Applied For a Marriage License?

The clock is ticking for Ames Brown to finally realize his mistake of leaving Jackie Gordon and run after her like he did back on Bachelor Pad 2. Actually, he’s definitely too late, since Miss Jackie — whom we first met on Brad Womack’s The Bachelor Season 15 — is now happily engaged and about to get hitched very soon.

“Applying for our marriage license - yippee!” she tweeted on September 6.

Credit: Jackie Gordon on Twitter    

The “our” refers to her financial advisor fiancé, Marcus Kline, whom she met in a New York bar in February 2012. When she first saw Marcus, Jackie told Glamour back in the day, she noted he was "tall, strong-looking and very handsome, with a genuine smile." They bonded over Kamikaze shots and Budweisers and, about a year later, he got down on one knee in the snow at their favorite vineyard in Long Island to ask her to spend her life with him. Obviously, she said yes.

In July, Jackie tweeted that she had just picked up their wedding bands and was tempted to wear hers right then and there. In late August she updated, “The whole 3 dress fittings is too much- why can't you shop for a wedding dress like any other dress? #bridalproblems” (You can do whatever you want when you’re planning for “your day,” girl! Just walk down the aisle in a bikini!)

So these are busy times for Jackie, who won’t be a “Miss” for much longer. She’s always been one of the good ones, and Marcus is a very lucky guy. Congrats to them! We can’t wait to see the wedding pics…

Sources: Twitter / Glamour