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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Will Everyone Discover Neal Is Alive? What’s Ariel Like?

When Once Upon a Time wrapped its epic second season, many things were in flux. Henry was kidnapped by “evil” Peter Pan cohorts Tamara and Greg, friends and enemies united to save him, and everyone thought Nealfire was dead.

It turns out, though, that Neal just avoided death and was discovered by Mulan, Aurora, and Prince Philip in Fairytale Land. But that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing for him — or anyone aboard the Jolly Roger, for that matter — in Season 3. It might not be all bad news, however. Though Neal will have a “big problem” trying to get back, a new spoiler hints that Prince Charming may be able to save him.

When a fan asked TVLine if the creators will “use the fact that Charming and Aurora recently were under sleeping curses and have them communicate with each other, maybe to let everyone know Bae is alive,” co-creator Eddy Kitsis had an ever-vague answer. “They might! I would certainly try it,” he teased. Never a straight answer with these guys.

As for one other character, boss Adam Horowitz gave a bit more of a straightforward answer. Using three words to describe new character Ariel, he said, “Adventurous. Spitfire. Romantic.” Hey, we’ll take what we can get, and hopefully we’ll soon learn more about her prince, Eric, too.

Do you think Neal will be saved? What do you want to see from Ariel? Sound off below!

Source: TVLine