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Castle Season 6 Spoiler: Will Kate Beckett’s Nemesis, Senator Bracken, Return?

It’s highly likely that Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is D.C.-bound in Season 6 for that high-profile FBI gig, but that doesn’t mean people from her past won’t follow her to the nation’s capital.

Stana tells TVLine that Beckett's nemesis the corrupt Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) "will come back." Again, since it’s pretty much confirmed that Richard Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) love will be headed to D.C., it’s not unlikely that she would run into the Senator who ordered the hit on her mother, Johanna.

But when pressed for more details about Bracken’s arc in Season 6, Stana admitted to being in the dark, saying that although his return has been confirmed "I don't know when, and I don't know how."

The last time we saw Senator Bracken, Kate was forced to protect him. But the next time these two run into each other, we doubt she’ll show the same amount of mercy.

Do you like the Beckett/Bracken storyline, or do you think it’s time for something new? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TVLine