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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Danielle Staub Insults Jacqueline Laurita, Caroline Manzo, and Melissa Gorga All at Once (VIDEO)

It’s been three seasons since Danielle Staub clicked her stilettos on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she still remains a major conversation topic in the Bravoverse. Naturally, the show’s favorite (well almost favorite) villain took the time to insult the majority of the current cast while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Sept. 8.

Surprisingly, she spared Teresa Giudice several times saying she was Team Tre over Team Melissa and even speculating that Teresa had nothing to do with the rumors of Melissa cheating.

Credit: Bravo    

And when a viewer asked for Danielle’s thoughts on the Giudice’s impending trial, she replied, “I feel bad for them. They’re people. They’re family and things that are very bad are happening to them. It would be really wrong of anyone to enjoy that.”

But Danielle wasn’t quite as merciful when it came to her other co-stars. Andy rolled some old footage of Jacqueline Laurita claiming that Danielle has been stalking her, and the ex-reality star did not take kindly to those accusations.

“I think she needs to put the wine away and possibly seek help,” she candidly replied. “I have not been around her. I haven’t tweeted, I haven’t talked. The Internet you can’t erase it, we all know that. We all have regrets on that. I think she might possibly be the worst example of somebody creating a truth. I moved on from her the moment she showed me her true colors.”

Actually Danielle, you can delete your tweets, but we understand your general sentiment. But Andy Cohen’s skeptical face during Danielle’s response basically said it all. (Cough, Team Jac, cough.)


Jacqueline wasn’t the only one to receive flack from Danielle. When Andy rolled old footage where Caroline Manzo admitted to regretting calling Danielle a “clown,” Danielle didn’t exactly warm to her former co-star.

“I’m not buying it, but thank you,” she said curtly.

And though she claims not to live in the past, Danielle did admit that she had one big regret from her RHoNJ days.

“I would say my biggest regret would be walking away without getting paid more,” she said laughing. “After I made the show what it is today.”

Her ego-fueled response caused the live audience to boo a bit, but she quickly shot back, “I’m sorry but was it anybody else in here that had a table flipped at them?”

Solid point, Dani.

Do you think Danielle’s responsible for making RHoNJ a hit reality show? Tell us your thoughts below!

Source: Watch What Happens Live

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