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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tamra’s OC Wedding Recap: Episode 2 — Tamra Barney & Gretchen’s Drama!

Oh, brother! On this week’s recap of Tamra’s OC Wedding Episode 2, Real Housewives of Orange County stars Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi discuss whether Gretchen is coming to the wedding, plus Tamra has it out with her brother and mom. So take a swig of moonshine, pour some vodka in your sorbet, and stay away from skunks!

At the start of the episode, Tamra and Eddie appear to have moved past last week’s “nipple in the mouth” drama (thank goodness!) and are focusing on a new horror: Tamra’s dancing skills. Tamra is struggling through her cha-cha lesson but then she finally starts to get the hang of it. Looks like we just found a contestant for next season of Dancing with the Stars!

Tamra meets with her bridemaids Ricky, CJ, and Heather Dubrow oddly, Vicki Gunvalson is a no-show to shop for bridesmaids dresses. But Tamra is horrified when they arrive at the dress shop, and the store doesn’t look exactly high-end. We didn’t think it looked that bad, but Tamra says she feels like she’s “in Tijuana,” and that the place is a “s**t pool.” In other words, it’s time to find a new shop.

Tamra and Eddie have a food tasting, although Tamra isn’t much of a food person. She also isn’t loving the French chef’s accent. Uh, who doesn’t swoon for a man with a French accent? However, Tamra likes the sorbet with vodka of course she does and she also likes the “black cod,” but mainly because she thinks the chef said “black you-know-what.” Ah, wordplay.

Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

After the tasting, Tamra is going over the seating chart, and Eddie is shocked to learn that Alexis and Jim Bellino are planning to come. Uh, wasn’t Eddie listening when Tamra said last week that they were coming? Suddenly, Eddie is about as upset as we’ve ever seen him, and he demands that Tamra uninvite them. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

Still, any previous drama so far in the episode completely pales when compared to Tamra’s family meeting Eddie’s family for the first time. For starters, Tamra’s brother, Kenny whom she’s never gotten along with passes around a jar of moonshine for everyone to drink, because what formal occasion is complete without someone going blind from moonshine?

Things start out tense but light-hearted, with Kenny telling Eddie to get the word “sucker” tattooed on his body, as Tamra is “damaged goods.” Nice. But to be honest, that was the friendliest thing he said about Tamra. Kenny claims that their parents did say they loved them as kids, and that Tamra doesn’t support their family. Eventually, everyone is dropping f-bombs, as Tamra runs off in tears. Welcome to the family, Eddie!

Tamra is worried that her family’s fight will concern Eddie and we wouldn’t blame him if he were at least a little freaked out but luckily Eddie understands that all families have issues. Eddie also agrees to allow Alexis to attend. What a guy! And speaking of family, do we like that his uncle Carlos is helping Tamra learn to say her vows in Spanish? No doy!

Credit: Vivian Zink/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Tamra still hasn’t gotten an RSVP from Gretchen, so the two meet up for a walk. Gretchen says she wants to attend Tamra’s wedding, and she wishes that the Housewives had been there to celebrate her engagement to Slade Smiley. Then, Tamra’s dog almost gets into a fight with a skunk. We feel like the skunk is an omen about Tamra and Gretchen’s relationship, but we’re choosing to ignore it.

Tamra’s bridesmaids are still without dresses, so it’s time to make things happen. Tamra’s wedding planner, Diann, comes through in a pinch, as she finds dresses that the ladies love. Then, Vicki and Diann are trying to convince Tamra to get Eddie to sign a prenup, but Tamra doesn’t think she needs one. We admire Tamra's attitude. But let’s just hope the third marriage is the charm.

Finally, Tamra meets up with her mom, Sandy, to smooth things over after the Family Dinner From Hell. Sandy explains that Kenny is a good guy but that things have always come more easily for Tamra. And Sandy promises that there won’t be a fight like that at the actual wedding. If you say so, Sandy.

And so that was quite the drama-filled episode. We’re relieved that Tamra and Gretchen were able to chat without a blow-out fight but it’s too bad that Tamra’s family function got so tense. And now we can’t wait to see the actual ceremony next week! If anyone needs us, we’ll be busy producing our own moonshine. Want a sip?