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Glee Spoiler: Heartbroken Rachel Recreates NYC Finn Date — Without Him

The first time we saw these Glee Season 5 spoiler photos of Rachel (Lea Michele) in NYC’s Central Park, we thought, “Oh, what a cute pink trench coat! But why is she looking so sad?” Then we saw a picture of Rachel standing on a the Bow Bridge and it hit us.


Rachel is totally recreating that iconic NYC date with Finn (Cory Monteith) from way back in Season 2. And then we started to feel ridiculously sad.

Back in Glee’s Season 2 finale, the New Directions made their first trip to New York City for Nationals. Rachel and Finn’s relationship had been on the rocks, but they ultimately mended things, due in no small part to the romantic date Finn planned for his leading lady.

They ate
dinner at Sardi’s, bumped into living legend Patti LuPone, took a romantic stroll over Central Park’s Bow Bridge, and topped things off with a tender moonlit kiss.

In the brand new Season 5 scenes, which were filmed on September 9, Rachel is seen walking over the same Central Park bridge where she and Finn walked. She also walks past Sardi’s restaurant, and fans on set reported that Rachel was singing a sad song as she passed by.

We’re not entirely sure which Glee episode this song will appear in. But as we see it, there are two possible options.

Is It for the Cory Monteith Tribute?


First of all, this song may be for Glee’s Season 5, Episode 3 Cory Monteith tribute. Finn may have just died, and Rachel could be re-living this iconic moment in their relationship as a way to help her process.

We know that Rachel will be mostly absent from
Glee’s Cory tribute. But when she does appear at the end of the episode, her role is supposed to be very powerful. A heartbreaking flashback could qualify as this mystery scene, but we’re not entirely convinced that this is what the spoiler is referring to. Plus, we know that Rachel will be wearing her “Finn” necklace in the Cory tribute, and that necklace is nowhere in sight.

Is It for the Season 5 Premiere?

Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    

If we had to guess, we’d wager that this scene is actually meant for Glee’s September 26 Season 5 premiere. We know that Rachel will sing the Beatles’ “Yesterday” during that episode, and the mournful tone of that ballad certainly seems like it would fit this atmosphere.

The scene also includes Rachel standing outside the sign for the Broadway revival of Funny Girl. Lea is smiling in behind-the-scenes photos, but once the camera’s start rolling, Rachel looks sad. If we had to guess, we’d say that Rachel might not get the part on Broadway after all, but as she walks through the streets of New York trying to deal with the sting of rejection, she’s comforted by the happy memories of the time she spent there with Finn.

Rachel and Finn are currently broken up, but this sudden sadness in her life could cause Rachel to realize how much she is still in love with her ex. Of course, the heartbreaking part is that we know Finn will die suddenly just two episodes later — an unfortunate necessity after actor Cory Monteith’s unexpected passing in July.

What do you think: Will Glee use this footage as part of Rachel’s efforts to cope with Finn’s death in Episode 3, or will it come earlier, as she remembers happier days with her at that point still-alive ex in Episode 1?

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