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Adam Lind’s Baby Mama Taylor Halbur Having Trouble With Motherhood

Taylor Halbur is the proud mama to a brand new baby girl named Paislee (best name ever, by the way), but guys? Mommyhood isn't all fun and games. Taking care of a newborn can be quite challenging, and Taylor is finding out just how hard being a full time parent is! Not only is she changing her fair share of dirty diapers, Taylor's hardly getting any sleep thanks to Paislee's unpredictable sleep schedule.

"Little misses sleeping pattern needs to change," she tweeted on September 12. "This being wide awake from midnight til 3am just doesn't work."

Yikes, looks like Paislee has her days and nights reversed — a classic problem amongst newborns. The good news? Infants spend most of their lives sleeping, which means Taylor will be able to catch up on some lost Zzz's during the day. And before too long Paislee should figure out that nighttime is for snoozing so Taylor can finally get a full eight hours.

In other news, it looks like Paislee's pop, infamous Teen Mom 2 hunk Adam Lind, is still in the picture, and he's being a great daddy! This dude has been right by his baby's side since day one, and hopefully he's helping out with Paislee's nighttime wakings so that his new baby mama can get some much deserved sleep.

Hang in there, Taylor!

Source: Twitter

09.12.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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