Breaking Bad Season 5: Who Will Die in the Shootout?
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Breaking Bad Season 5: Who Will Die in the Shootout?

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13 ended with an epic shootout, and, in true Breaking Bad fashion, the fate of the characters was left up in the air until the next episode. Will the gunfire end in slaughter? Given what we know about this show, it's hard to imagine at least one major character won't be down once the dust settles. The question seems to be who will die, not will someone die.

The only thing we know for sure is that Walt survives this encounter, since we've seen him moping around and preparing for a huge confrontation on his fifty-second birthday. Everyone else is fair game. Who will bite the bullet? We've ranked the characters in order of likelihood of death, based on the very scientific method of "this is what we think."

White Supremacist Redshirts. It seems inevitable that at least one or two of Jack's lackeys will have to face their maker come Sunday. They're expendable, so why wouldn't the writers use them to show how brutal things got?

Steven Gomez. Sorry Gomie, we have a feeling you're going down. This DEA agent is one of the few characters who hasn't broken bad in one way or another over the course of the show, which probably means he's not long for the world. Plus, his death would affect the audience — who doesn't have a place in their heart for this by-the-books good guy? — while not taking away from the plot, since at this point he's basically only Hank's sidekick.

Todd. Walter's most evil mentee may have served his purpose on the show by this point. Now that Jack has become a major player with his own connection to Walter, do we need Todd around? Besides, if everyone's favorite gang of psycho neo-Nazis lose their cook, Walt could find himself forced to return to the game on a more permanent basis.

Hank. We're 50-50 on if Hank will survive. On one hand, it seems inevitable now that he won't be the one to bring Walter down. He already got as far as cuffing his brother-in-law, and on Breaking Bad you don't get second chances at things like that. A bullet to the brain could be the perfect way to cap off his oh-so-close failed attempt to bring about some justice. On the other hand, there's still plenty of ways he could make trouble for Walt, so the writers might want to keep him around.

Jack. We're guessing this quite loco gang leader will get out just fine. We're pretty sure the writers want him around to force Walter back into the biz.

Jesse. No way does Jesse go down this week (at least, we hope not!). We're not convinced he's going to survive the series, but if he does die, we seriously doubt it will be from a stray bullet. He's too thematically important to the show to off so randomly.

Who do you think will die? Sound off in the comments below!

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