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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Admits to Going Through Her Boyfriend’s Phone

Jenelle Evans has 99 problems and her boyfriend is one. This Teen Mom 2 starlet is head-over-heels in love with her new man, Nathan Griffith, but it's no secret that she has trust issues. And why shouldn't she? Jenelle's been cheated on in the past, and her celebrity status has made her slightly weary when it comes to relationships. Need we remind you of the time Kieffer Delp sold nude photos of her to the tabloids? No wonder home girl watches her back!

However, Jenelle's relationship with Nathan couldn't be more different than her relationship with The Delp. For starters, their first date wasn't in an alligator infested swamp. But they also have total transparency in their 'ship — meaning Jenelle is allowed to go through Nathan's phone whenever she wants, and he's allowed to go through hers!

"Nathan and I let each other go through our phones at any given time and we r both very faithful," she tweeted on September 11.

This might make Jenelle sound paranoid, but the fact that she and Nathan are so open with each other makes their relationship that much stronger. She can keep tabs on who he's texting (and make sure he's not sexting!) and he can make sure she isn't in contact with any of her ex-boyfriends, all of whom seem to have a pesky habit of worming their way back into her life.

Do you think Nathan and Jenelle's phone policy is overkill, or a great way to prevent secrets in their relationship? Sharing is caring, so hit the comments and spill!