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Real Housewives of Atlanta

$#*! Joseline Hernandez Says: The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star’s 10 Best Quotes

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez is known for her off-the-wall personality, scandalous body, and thick Boricua accent. Half the time, viewers are unable to make out what the Latina is even saying. But when Joseline is able to get a few words out, some of the things she says is quite outrageous. Here’s some of the best lines we’ve heard from Joseline on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta:

10. “Somebody is going to get that a—. I hope it’s somebody young and fast that can whoop that a— ‘cause honey, you deserve that a—whopping.”

Run for the hills guys!

9. “You a old throwback b —!”

We’ve heard Joseline say this so many times, we think it should be turned into a shirt.

8. “Stevie I believe is really jealous of me in a way.”

Somehow, can we actually believe that.

7. “You’re only great when it comes to business and money and your beefcake is great, but that’s it.”

So THAT’s why she keeps Stevie J. around. Mystery solved.

6. “I’m a slut monkey for your baby daddy b— and you hate it.”

We have no words.

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5. “It’s a forever thing with Stevie and I. He f—k my brain.”

Is it us, or does that just seem like it would be extra uncomfortable?

4. “He threw a drink at me and messed up my furrah that I got from Neimans, I coulda kill him. But it’s OK, he’s gonna buy me a new one.”

You heard her. Don’t mess up her furrah… or she’ll kill you.

3. “Have you ever love my Stevie? Like really really love me like you said you did?”

Why does it seem like Joseline is always asking Stevie if he loves her?

2. “I’m very stingy with my cootie cat.”

If it’s one thing anyone should be stingy with, it should be their cootie cat.

1. “I’m a bad little boosh.”

That you are Joseline. That you are…

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09.13.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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