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Watch: Blaine’s Proposal Song! Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” in Glee’s Season 5 Premiere

It happened. Blaine (Darren Criss) proposed to Kurt (Chris Colfer) in the Glee Season 5 premiere, “Love, Love, Love” and now you can watch it over and over again — all set to a Blaine-fronted version of the Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love”.

Simply put, the track is everything we love about Glee. It’s upbeat, sweet, and features Darren’s trademark smooth vocals backed by what else, a marching band. (Yes, another one. Apparently, it's kind of a thing.) In other words, it is the perfect song to set a proposal too.

What's more, the end of the song becomes a mini-mashup of “All You Need Is Love” and another Beatles hit, “She Loves You”. However, instead of singing “she loves you”, Blaine changes the lyric to “he loves you”.

Sorry, but can these two get any cuter?

Watch Blaine's full song performance here. But if you want to catch Kurt's emotional conversation with his father, Burt (Mike O’Malley), beforehand, or if you want to watch Blaine get down on one knee for the actual proposal... then you'll have to head over here and watch the extended video. What did you think of the Klaine-gagement? Was it everything you ever hoped for? Or is there something else you were wanting to see? Head below to the comments and sound off.