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Kristen Stewart’s Hair Falling Out Due to Rob Pattinson Stress: Report

Breaking Dawn? More like, thinning mane!

In a story that is a little hard to believe but is very sad if it's true, Now Magazine is reporting that Kristen Stewart is losing hair due to her ongoing stress following her split from Robert Pattinson.

"Kristen’s circle are so concerned about her [hair loss] that two of her friends have flown to Germany to see her," reveals a source. "They want to take her to a de-stressing yoga retreat on the outskirts of Berlin. They’ve also begged Rob to visit her on set."

"They fear the stress is getting worse because she’s been trying to make contact with him, and he’s ignoring all of her calls," adds the source.

Indeed, Kristen's hair has recently appeared to be getting thinner than usual. Click here to see a photo of Kristen's thinning hair part!

So we're hoping Kristen can move on from Rob and not sustain any more follicular damage.

Source: Now via Hollywood Life