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Project Runway Season 12 Spoilers: See Finale Collections! Who’ll Win?

Project Runway Season 12 is in full swing on Lifetime — continuing to entertain, frustrate, impress, and completely confound.

Here are the final eight designers:

Ken Laurence

Alexander Pope

Alexandria von Bromssen

Bradon McDonald

Dom Streater

Helen Castillo

Justin LeBlanc

Kate Pankoke

Credit: Lifetime/BPR    

Eight PR Season 12 designers showed at Fashion Week on September 6, 2013, but it wasn't quite the eight above. For whatever reason, Ken did not show a collection, but Jeremy (who was just voted out on Sept. 12) did show. Blogging Project Runway has photos of the 10 designs shown by each of the eight designers. Keep in mind, most of these will be "decoy" collections to keep the real finalists unspoiled.

Here are links to their individual collections:

Alexander's collection

Kate's collection

Jeremy's collection

Helen's collection

Alexandria's collection

Bradon's collection

Justin's collection

Dom's collection

The judges have been loving Bradon, Alexandria, Kate, Helen and Dom, so they will probably be the final five. It's hard to tell who might win, but here's hoping it's Dom! Her garments have been fresh and fun, and she doesn't have the arrogant diva attitude of so many designers this season.

Do you have a winner guess?

Source: Blogging Project Runway