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Real Housewives of New York

Kelly Bensimon: Bethenny Frankel Has “Tried to Destroy Every Single Thing I’ve Done”

Kelly Bensimon isn’t waiting for Season 6 of The Real Housewives of New York to start unleashing some drama.

The former cast member, who is set to return to the show next season, recently revealed that she and old co-star Bethenny Frankel still haven’t been able to bury the hatchet.

“She has literally tried to destroy every single thing I've done and I've never done anything to her," Kelly told Us Weekly. "I don't even know her. I am tired of her attacking my reputation and defaming me whenever she can."

While the two reality stars have been known to bicker, it was Bethenny’s feisty comments about Kelly during a September 10 appearance of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live that sent the jewelry designer over the edge.

"It's time to move on. I'm going to have to take action. I can't be hired to work and then have people four years later attacking me for no reason. This is NOT a joke anymore,” Kelly pleaded. ”I don't want my reputation defamed for one more second. She's never even made an effort to have a conversation. She just saw me and went after me for no reason. This is real life now, this isn't a storyline."

Source: Us Weekly