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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 7 Title Revealed — “Dark Hollow” (PHOTO)

Once Upon a Time kicks off Season 3 in a few weeks with Episode 1: “Heart of the Truest Believer,” but we’re already looking forward to Episode 7. Co-creator Adam Horowitz shared a photo of the script for the lucky seventh episode, and it already has us very intrigued about what’s to come.

After the infamous Little Mermaid redhead is introduced in Episode 6 (titled “Ariel” for its namesake new character), the next episode is titled “Dark Hollow.” We’d love to think this means they’re exploring Sleepy Hollow, but that’s likely not the case, especially with a new FOX show with the same title.

Something else of note is that this episode wasn’t written by co-creators Adam and Eddy or Jane Espenson. Instead, Kalinda Vazquez and Andrew Chambliss penned it, both of whom have written and produced many times before.

Anything with “dark” in the title is sure to be exciting, and perhaps it will even revolve around Rumplestiltskin’s “Dark One” side. Maybe it will even be flashbacks! We know that in Episode 8, we’ll meet Rumple’s father, Colin, in flashbacks, so maybe Episode 7 will start to introduce the idea. Fingers crossed!

Are you excited for “Dark Hollow”? What do you think will happen? Leave your thoughts and theories below!

Credit: Adam Horowitz's Twitter    

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