Credit: MTV, Snooki's Instagram    
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

How Snooki Changed From Jersey Shore to Dancing With the Stars: Hot Mess to Hot Mama! (PHOTO)

Snooki made her big debut on Dancing With the Stars Season 17 last night, September 16, showing the world a completely different side of herself than the guidette we saw on Jersey Shore.

We all got to know Snooks as the wild party girl who would wake up and start drinking, stumble around the beach looking for gorilla juiceheads, jump around in tiny dresses while fistpumping at the clubs, and say absurd things like, "I hate the ocean. It's all whale sperm."

While that side of Snooki had us laughing — and cringing — on the regular, having baby Lorenzo changed it all for the reality TV star. Snooki even asked to be called Nicole on the DWTS premiere, because she sees Snooki as her younger "hot mess" self.

Between her entirely new look and more composed personality, we don't think it will be hard for fans to see Snooki, ahem, Nicole, in a new light. With the help of a trainer and a new eating regimen, the former party girl looks super slim, toned, and healthy. And while she still makes silly comments, like being hesitant to "touch Sasha's boobs" during practice, Snooki's main priority now is being a mom and a fiancée, instead of being the fun wild child.

We're proud of Ms. (soon-to-be Mrs.) Meatball for stepping it up and making some lifestyle changes. Now if only she can get her hands on that Mirror Ball, it will be a true 180! What do you think of her transformation? Sound off below.