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Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur Admit They Sleep With Their Newborn Baby — Fans React

Teen Mom 2 stars Adam Lind (aka Chelsea Houska's baby daddy) and his girlfriend Taylor Halbur just welcomed their first daughter into the world, and guys? This little lady is beyond perfect. Paislee is sweet, beautiful, and looks just like her parents — and speaking of this hot couple, Paislee just can't get enough of them!

Apparently, this wee bundle of joy has been sleeping with Adam and Taylor since making her grand debut a few weeks ago, and Taylor recently (and unsuccessfully, we might add!) tried to get Paislee to sleep in her crib.

"First time I'm going to let my little one sleep in her crib.. Needless to say I'm nervous about it and already miss cuddling with my baby!!" Taylor tweeted on September 18, following up with "For the last 2 hrs every time I put her in her crib she'd be sleeping.. 10 minutes later she'd be crying. Has happened about 5-6 times."

Sigh, looks like Paislee knows what she wants, which is to be right by her momma's side! As you might expect, Taylor gave up putting Paislee to sleep in the crib, and opted for her to spend another night in the family bed.

"Looks like she's sleepin with mommy and daddy again tonight," she tweeted.

It's great that Taylor and Adam are forming such a strong bond with their daughter, but many fans have voiced their concerns about Paislee's sleeping habits. Not only is co-sleeping a tough pattern to break (why would Paislee ever want to sleep on her own when she knows how comfy Taylor and Adam's bed is?!), it's generally considered safest for a baby to sleep alone in her crib, sans blankets, on a firm mattress.

Taylor hasn't responded to the well-intentioned fans who are questioning Paislee's sleeping habits, but we're sure she's doing what's best for her kiddo. Do you think babies should sleep with their parents, or are they better off in their own crib from day one? Weigh in below!

09.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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