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The X Factor

Watch X Factor 2013 Contestant Danie Geimer Sing “House of the Rising Sun” (VIDEO)

Watching Danie Geimer perform on the September 18 episode of X Factor 2013 was a bit like a musical version of She's All That. She prepped us with a story of how much she loves to read ("Books about neuroscience") and nerded out on all the rest of the auditioning hopefuls.

Then, the 15-year-old student from Northridge, California took the stage in a silly hat and glasses, spoke quietly and deferentially to the judges, and then said she was taking on a giant song in "House of the Rising Sun."

Her big voice, rich notes, and control caught the judges' attention. Kelly Rowland could barely contain her glee when Danie went into a full-on belt during the song. "Miss thing, you are IT!" Kelly exclaimed. And Demi said she "really, really" likes her and would be sure to tell the absent for the day Simon Cowell what he missed.

After getting three yeses, Danie moved on easily in the competition. Want to know if she made the Top 16? Check it.