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Castle Season 6: If Beckett Takes the D.C. Job How Long Will She Be There?

In the Castle Season 5 finale, our girl Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) was faced with not one but two major decisions. First, after being offered her dream job with the FBI in D.C., Beckett had to decide if she would leave New York and possibly Castle (Nathan Fillion) behind to follow her crime-solving dreams. To make matters more complicated, Castle proposed to Beckett just as she was about to share her career news.

We don’t know what Beckett decides on either front (though we have our suspicions) but if the 12th precinct’s pantsuit queen did ditch New York for D.C., how long might she be in the nation’s capital?

When a TVLine reader posed this question to Michael Ausiello, he answered with caution. “If she takes the job in the nation’s capital — and that’s still a big if — I’ll hazard a guess that she’ll stay put for somewhere between two and five episodes.”

So if Beckett goes to D.C. her stint will be relatively brief.

Something else that’s all too short is Lisa Edelstein’s three-episode arc this season as Beckett’s mentor Rachel McCord. She told TVLine that she thoroughly enjoyed working on the crime drama and got along with Stana particularly well:

I really didn’t want to do an arc on a show without really investing as much as I could in it, so I walked onto that show with a lot of ideas and wanting to create a real character — and Stana was psyched about that.”

Since Lisa and Stana got along so well, maybe McCord will come back later this season!

Source: TVLine

09.18.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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