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Nashville Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peeks: Watch Past Rayna and Deacon in Love and Present Deacon Scold Scarlett (VIDEOS)

The Nashville Season 2 premiere is shaping up to be a real rollercoaster of emotion. It will start with Rayna (Connie Britton) in a coma following last season’s horrendous car crash with Deacon (Charles Esten) behind the wheel, and we now know it will include at least two more heart wrenching segments.

ABC released a few sneak peeks of the premiere and they’ve already got us reaching for the tissue box. The first clip, below, takes us back to when Rayna and Deacon were young and in love. Deke, who had recently completed his first stint in rehab, surprises his rising country superstar sweetheart with her “dream home.”

“You love me more than I deserve,” he tells her in the flashback. Although Rayna makes it out of the coma, that sentiment is especially poignant given the couple’s present-day situation.

The second clip is just as heartbreaking, but for an entirely different reason. Scarlett (Clare Bowen) heads to see Deacon in jail, and instead of being grateful that his niece has paid him a visit, Deke not-so-kindly tells her to go away.

When Scarlett remarks that Deacon was “like a father” to her, the alcoholic country crooner really loses his cool.

“I’m not your father! I’m nobody’s damn father,” he screams.

Clearly Deacon still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he’s responsible for half of Maddie Conrad’s DNA — talk about daddy issues!

Nashville Season 2 premieres on September 25 at 10 p.m.