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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Spoilers: We’ll Discover How and Why Regina Adopted Henry!

Since Once Upon a Time premiered, fans have wondered how and why Regina adopted Emma’s biological son, Henry, and we’ll finally have an answer in Season 3.

Co-creator Adam Horowitz confirms that we’ll learn about the adoption in full in the first half of the season. “Before our Christmas break, we plan to show the why and the how of how baby Henry came to his new mother,” he promises to TVLine, and we sincerely hope there’s no catch.

We have learned bits and pieces throughout OUAT’s first two seasons, including that Rumplestiltskin plays a huge role in how Henry came to Storybrooke. Mr. Gold revealed in Season 1, Episode 2 that he was the one who procured Henry for Regina, and for a while, we thought August played a role, but it’s not like he can tell us now! He’s in child form without any memories of adulthood.

Until we find out, we’ll be speculating wildly. We have a feeling that magic plays a huge role, and now that Henry is kidnapped by Peter Pan, emotions are running wild for his family — both Emma and Regina. If there’s any time to get nostalgic and reveal details about a secret adoption, it’s now.

How do you think Regina was able to adopt Henry? Was he taken? Brought in magically? Sound off below, and catch the Once Upon a Time Season 3 premiere on Sunday, September 29 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TVLine

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